Our History

History of Dottie's Convenience Stores

In July of 1962, Dottie Maynard and her family bought the grocery store that was partially attached to their house. At the time it was called Dayton’s but soon grew into Dottie’s Bakery. Dottie began baking out of her house and selling her homemade rolls and bread through the grocery store. Soon, she began to sell wholesale and found herself in quite a market.  

Dottie’s commitment to quality baking made her a hit right from the start. By 1970, the bakery moved into a newly constructed 1,800-square-foot building. In 1976, the family built a convenience store as another outlet for Dottie’s Bakery in Stone Bank, WI. This included tearing down the original store previously attached to the house. As a bonus and attraction for the community, Dottie’s Bakery handed out chocolate chip cookies in the Fourth of July parade from 1983-2004.  

An addition to the bakery was built in 1984 to keep up with the ever-rising wholesale levels. Dottie’s Bakery products were being seen in convenience stores and grocery stores within an 80-mile radius of the original store. In 1986, gas pumps were installed in front of the convenience store. In 1992, Dottie’s opened a new convenience store in Hartland WI. In 2005, after 42 years, the bakery was closed down due to changes in the bakery business. Dottie’s Bakery is now Dottie’s Convenience Stores, with the original location and second location in Hartland still going strong. Changes have been made to continue our commitment to quality for our customers. Dottie’s is a family-run company to this day and values success through their amazing staff and loyal customers.

See some of the treats served today at Dottie’s Convenience Stores in Hartland and Stone Bank.
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